14 Jul
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5 Things That You Should Include in Your Bucketlist

At least once in our lives, we’ve created our own bucket list, and added some of the craziest ideas we could think of. Now, here are some more items that you can consider adding in your list. These might not be one of those “crazy” ideas you had but these will surely create an impact, not just on other people’s lives, but even on your own.

  1. Volunteer in a foundation
    The norm for most people is to look for summer jobs, or scout for places where they can spend their vacation. But for a change, why not spend one of your summer breaks volunteering in a foundation? Research several foundations and charities, and pick out the one with the cause closest to your heart. Offer a couple of days or even weeks to help out in the activities and projects of the foundation and don’t forget to make new friends along the way!
  2. Help out a street kid
    There are a number of ways to help out street children! Give them some snacks, treat them to an ice cream cone, or simple have a chat with them, the possibilities are endless! It is recommended however that food, books, or in kind items be given to these children, as their environment plays a big role in their decisions in life.
  3. Sign a petition
    Try to sign petitions especially if you believe in the cause. A signature is a big contribution to the cause the organizers are fighting for! It’s a way to show that we collectively struggle for what we believe in. Plus, when the petition succeeds, it will give you a deeper feeling of happiness, accomplishment, as well as social and community involvement.
  4. Share articles
    With the boom of digital technology, millennials nowadays are soaked in their social media accounts. However, you can still contribute to change even if you’re just sitting in your couch or lying down in bed with just a click. Share articles which are related to your personal advocacy and help spread awareness. There is no effort too little, when it comes to sharing information that can help improve the lives of others. 
  5. Donate
    Whether monetary or in kind, make sure to include donating to charities or foundations in your bucket list! There are tons of options when it comes to sharing your blessings with others. These could either be brand new or used clothes, books, and toys among others. You can also arrange a get together with your friends and spend the afternoon packing meals for families–a pack of rice, canned goods, and maybe some toiletries will surely be appreciated.

    There are many posts online calling for donations. You can also visit the websites and Facebook pages of different foundations to know more about how to donate.

Still need a few items in your bucket list? Choose some or all from the items above and don’t forget to share your stories with us! Anderson Group Family Foundation is always open to accept volunteers who are willing to help underprivileged children. That’s already one item ticked off in your list! 😉