14 Jul
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A Lesson from Saroo: A Small Step Can Go a Long Way

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? Wherein a tiny bit of difference in the things you do could affect others heavily. And it’s so overwhelming to think that a single step, a single movement and a small decision can make or break another’s life.  Even a small act of volunteering or donating could change one’s life, what more if take in a person to your home and give him a family wherein he could belong, forever?

Let’s take the story of a little boy from India who was separated from his family at a young age and found a new home in Australia, where a couple decided to give up on having their own kids, and adopted instead in order to help. If you’re thinking about him, yes you’re right! He’s Saroo from the movie Lion. This story is the perfect example of what an act of sacrifice can do to change people’s lives.

When Saroo was little, his family was faced with poverty. With his mother left with the responsibility of raising them, and the inability to find a paying job enough of sustaining the family, Saroo and his siblings were forced to look for extras in order to add to the income. However, it was ill-fated that he be separated from his family when he tagged along with his brother in a train station relatively far away from their home. Too exhausted to even work, he crashed on a bench only to wake up with his brother not by his side. Impatient as a child may get, he wandered around and ended up sleeping in an empty carriage which brought him to an unfamiliar place, around 1,600 km away from home the next day.

He wandered around and looked for help for a few days, but the world has its ways of being challenging and not everyone is willing to lend a hand without expecting anything in return. After a few twists and turns, he found himself in a place which allowed him and his new family to cross paths. It was hard at the beginning, but soon he was able to adjust with the environment, and grew up to be a respectable man.  

Sounds fictional at first, but this is a true story about a little boy in India. Now, it is up to you if more stories like these will exist. Let’s go back to our country and take a moment to imagine a road paved with poverty, dangling at every corner. Children running around the streets with no guarantee of being able to eat three times a day, or no security among their houses, and in some cases, not even a complete family to go home to at the end of the day. The roofs are clanking, garbage scattered everywhere, and children are left with no choice but to work at an early age to make money, just like Saroo. This is the picture of poverty in the Philippines.

Just like in Saroo’s story, the important take away here is that you can do something to change the lives of the ill-fated Filipino kids. Little by little, step by step, we can make an impact  on other people’s lives. We can help lift these children out of poverty. We can find and build new homes for them. We can educate them so that they will be well-equipped to face the future, even share their knowledge to other kids back in their communities.

We can help change lives. And  this change can start with a simple click. Share this story to inspire more people and together, let’s create a future for kids where they can reach for their dreams and have a home and a family to call their own.